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Advertise from as low as AWG 19,- per day!

Call + 297- 583 2424 Mail is a product of Infinity Media Aruba

Whatever goals your company or organization might have, the internet and Infinity Media Aruba offers many advertising possibilities for you to communicate your message.  Whether it might be a branding campaign, awareness campaign or a direct respons campaign; Infinity Media Aruba gives you the opportunity to realize your goals through and can assist in media buying on other internet related media.

The years of experience and knowledge in the online marketing branch makes Infinity Media Aruba a reliable partner for your online advertising.


Target: is an online news portal targeting the decision making demographic between 20 & 54 who are residing in Aruba, Dutch Antilles, Netherlands & U.S.A who have an interest in Aruba.


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  To sell more product(s) or service(s).


  To be able to notify buyers of new product or service, or offer them a special deal/discount.


  To spread your ideas about a certain topic.


  Branding: To get people to remember your company's name! (Incase they wish to have your products or services in the future!)


  Guaranteed to catch many eyes on a daily basis


Even if the advertiser does not have a website it is very valuable to have an online presence. The advertiser can achieve this through online advertising.

Note about branding


An important way of looking at banner ads is as "branding" tools. They create brand awareness, and a brand image in the viewer's mind, whether or not the viewer clicks on the ad. But hopefully, when the viewer gets ready to make a purchase, those "impressions" (a wonderful ad agency buzz word!) will cause the person to select Coca Cola over Pepsi, or Barnes and Noble over Amazon, or FedEx over DHL.
Branding is very difficult to measure, but can be very powerful.
Typically, only the larger and better-established companies have the budget to pursue branding consistently. Now with the attractive rates of it will be possible for smaller companies to brand much more affordable. Brand awareness is sometimes measured in surveys with questions such as: "What brand names can you recall in the field of tennis?"


If you are not out branding, your competitor will be there!

We offer various advertising opportunities:
TLP Banner
Regular Banner 468 x 60
Expandable Ads
Newsletter Sponsoring
Breaking News Sponsoring
Job Opportunity Placement
Many Customizable Ad Formats & Segment Sponsoring.

We can take care of the design or we can supply your inhouse designer with the specs for your ad placement on the website.

Advertise from as low as AWG 19,- per day!

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Some of the Benefits of Internet Marketing:

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