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Wednesday, 29 November 2006 10:29

24 Ora.com is a product of Headlines Group.

24 Ora is an information revolution that engages people through a truly interactive experience that combines the best of traditional media with innovative new technology. We endeavor to create a richer, more participatory news and information experience for users in Aruba and the world.

24 Ora focuses in providing its users with local news, international news and lifestyle news 24 hours a day. This in an objective, small and easy to read format while audio & video is added to selected news items. Users have the opportunity to comment on each item and view fellow users' comments.

Mission Statement:
24ora.com will be leader as an online news provider providing objective local, international and lifestyle news for its user’s personal development

Business Philosophy:
A great part of the local & international population is interested in being informed about current news in the world and in their own local environment. For 24ora.com it is important to provide short to read objective news to its users within a short time-frame of the news its occurrence. Also it is important for 24ora.com to provide its advertising customers with a high quality advertisement campaign to reach their company goal.

The creator of 24 ora (M.B.P.L Denz) achieved his degree in Commercial Marketing and Communication at the Landstede College in the Netherlands. During his studies in the Netherlands and practicals in Florida, U.S.A he gained the fundamental tools and expertise in creating complete online marketing campaigns and mastering internet automation technology. He has worked with and for major search engines as Google, Yahoo & MSN. Today he is responsible for General Strategy, Marketing Campaigns, Public Relations & Quality Assurance.

The creator explains:
"Out of the time that consumers pay attention to media in general, they are spending most of that time online. Just imagine all the employees who work in offices that are connected to the internet, outside workers that come home after work and go online. Infinity Media Aruba wants to serve this new generation of information seekers in the best possible way. The strategy that we follow is to offer an as wide as possible line of information to our users."


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The IAB is at the vanguard of the seven billion dollar Interactive industry 24ora.com will be part of. Members have an opportunity to be thought leaders and shape the future of this exciting medium. The IAB is the only association dedicated to helping online, Interactive broadcasting, email, wireless and Interactive television media companies increase their revenues. 

24ora.com will also be a Member of the Agence France-Presse (AFP). AFP is one of the largest and global news agencies that as news occurs will supply 24ora.com with international news on politics, economics, finance, sports, cultural affairs, science, fashion and all other subjects of general interest, presented with all the objectivity and rapidity of an international agency. AFP has a network of professional journalist in 165 countries.



Nos Reglanan di duna comentari. Last Updated October 5 2008. Vers. 1.1




Aruba – 24ora.om ta duna su lesadornan e oportunidad pa reacciona riba noticianan selecta. E reaccionan di nos lesadornan ta representa e punto di bista y opinion die e lesadornan en cuestion. E contenido di e reaccionan aki ta cay bow e responsabilidad di e persona cu a manda un comentario. E comentario of vision di un persona cu ta duna comentario no ta implica 24ora.com cu 24ora.com tambe tin e mesun opinion of ta apoya e opinion. Pa 24ora.com no ta posibel pa verifica e berdad tras di reaccionan/comentarionan riba articulonan.



Con abo ta reacciona, ta na bo, pero si tin algun regal di cas. Nos moderadornan tin e tarea pa mira si bo ta tene bo mes na e reglanan, promer cu e comentario wordo publica.




Ora cu e ta na nos alcanse lo bo ricibi un email general cu ta informabo cu bo comentario no a wordo duna segun nos reglanan di cas y cu e comentario no a wordo publica. Debi na hopi comentario pa dia, esaki no tur biaha lo por ta e caso. 


E reglanan


No mag pasa riba nos leynan. (Por ehempel leynan di igualdad y di discriminacion. Tambe leynan cu tin di haber cu menasanan directo of indirecto). Comentarionan cu tin expressionan cu ta contra di ley no ta wordo publica.
Ta existi reglanan di respet. Reaccionan cu no tin respet pa otro y reaccionan cu no ta respeta e opinion di otro, no ta wordo publica. Respet comentario di un otro ta nifica cu bo por ta desacuerdo, pero duna bo argumentacion encontra den un forma respetuoso.


Comparacionan cu personanan manera Hitler, Dutroux, NSB-ers, Nazi’s, Osama, Taliban of algo den e sentido aki, no ta wordo publica. 


Deseonan di morto pa otro persona no ta wordo publica.


Comentario cu ponemento di link pa otro website(s) no ta wordo publica. Den caso cu e tin algo di haber cu e articulo y ta informativp por hasi un excepcion.


Comentario cu Personalia (Number di telefon, adres etc.) no ta wordo publica. 


No hasi e comentarionan mucho largo. Un buki completo como comentario no ta wordo aprecia door di e otro lesadornan y no lo wordo publica. Ademas cada usuario automaticamente lo haja un notificacion si nan comentario pasa 1000 “characters” (words and spaces) ja cu esaki no lo drenta den e systema. Hasi bo comentario cortico y al caso.


Insulto of zundramento di un otro persona cu ta duna comentario no ta wordo aprecia. Comentarionan cu palabra malo/indicente of insulto no ta wordo publica. 


Tur hende ta bon bini pa papia y critica 24ora.com pero reaccionan cu kier cuestiona nos motivacion pa un arituclo, no ta wordo publica. Correcionan riba un articulo semper ta bon bini. “E articulo aki no ta cuadra, PASOBRRA……….” Ta comentarionan cu nos no tin problema cu nan. Comentarionan manera: “E website aki ta hasi tur cos fout”, “E reporteronan di 24ora.com no ta sirbi”, “24ora.com tin un mal webmaster” etc no ta wordo publica. Si bo tin un problema cu 24ora.com semper bo por manda un email na info@24ora.com Subjet: Reclamo.


Respeta e derecho di autor di un tercera parti. (Bo mag cita un parti di un publicacion, pero no ta permiti pa completamente tuma un publicacion over) 


Mensahenan commercial (Spam) no ta wordo publica. 


Comentarionan cu lo por influencia e funcionamente tecnico di 24ora.com no ta wordo publica. 


Comentarionan cu tin como Author un nomber cu ta hopi cla cu e ta un nomber falso no ta wordo publica. Por ehempel un nomber di un artista famoso (Madonna). Tampoco un author cu tin como su nomber un palabra malo of indecente tampoco ta wordo publica. 


Reaccionan cu ta basa nan mes riba e rason pa publica un articulo manera “Esaki ta noticia ?” no ta wordo publica. E discussionan mester bay riba e contenido di e noticia y no e motivacion di e noticia.


 Comentarionan exactamente identico no ta wordo publica. Por ehempel copy y paste e mesun comentario mas cu un biaha. 


Comentarionan cu ta bisa nada manera (“Hesuse”, “Ombo”, “Well Well”, “Mi Mama”) sin ningun argument ono ta wordo publica. 


Comentarionan den un idioma cu no ta Ingles, Papiamento, Spaño of Hulandes no ta wordo publica. 


Comentarionan cu ta completamente cu HOOFDLETTER no ta wordo publica.


Na reaccionan/comentarionan cu directamente un persona of un grupo di persona ta wordo menasa, nos por duna un keho. Ademas ta importante pa informa cu tras di cada comentario tin un Ip-Adres cu ta identifica bo computer y locacion.


Si en caso un author pone un comentario cu un email adres cu ta hopi cla pa e moderador cu e ta un email adres falso e comentario no ta wordo publica. Nos tin mester di por notificabo bo persona na e email adres si en caso bo comentario no wordo publica.


No ta permiti pa pone diferente comentario den un articulo bow di diferente nomber si bo ta e mesun persona di cual nos por mira na bo ip-adres of email. Por ehempel. “Pablito” a duna su comentario riba un “Caso A”. Despues e mesun “Pablito” ta cambia su nomber pa “Mario” y ta duna un otro comentario riba e mesun “Caso A” pa hiba e discussion den su rumbo.

24ora.com tin e derecho di modifica e reglanan aki na tur tempo y tin un copia di e reglanan aki semper online den nos about us page y un copia por wordo pidi via info@24ora.com Subject: Copia di Reglanan di 24ora.com



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