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YMCA Aruba trahando cu y pa nos hobenan ta organisa un Koffie Morgen Dia 18 di Maart Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 March 2013 09:30
YMCA Aruba youthsport ,hobennan di basketball y volleyball lo tene un Koffie Morgen Dia 18 di maart cu varios actividad pa asina recauda fondo pa logra bay un wega amistoso na Corsou.

E dia aki, e propio hobennan, encabesa pa e staf dinamico di YMCA, lo percura pa un i pa asina tur persente por disfruta y na mes momento contribui na nos jovenan en particular.

E programa pa e dia aki ta lo siguiente:

Di 9'or di mainta pa 12or di merdia lo tin e koffie morgen, cual ta costa solamente Afl. 5 pa ticket y lo tin nan benta un variedad di snacks y cos di bebe.

For di 10or pa 11or di mainta lo tin un sesion di ehercicio "Hit Fit" cu Carol Alders. Participacion ta costa Afl. 10 pa persona y durante e ora ey YMCA ta percura pa cuida e muchanan tanten cu e mayornan ta participa na e actividad aki.

Pa 11'or lo cuminsa un torneo di basketball "3 on 3", unda cu tur hoben, for di 10 aña di edad por participa. E prijsnan pa participacion ta lo siguiente: 10 pa 12 aña, Afl. 10 pa team; 13 pa 15 aña y 16 pa 18 anja, Afl. 15 pa team y di 19 pariba Afl. 30 pa team.

Tambe, lo tin oportunidad pa tur esnan cu ta interesa pa bende algo tuma un mesa pa esaki. Reserva bo mesa awe mes, yama YMCA San Nicolas na telefon 5845303 of YMCA Dakota na telefon 5823072 pa mas informacion y reservacion.

Ban duna nos hobennan un man pa asina nan keda motiva den e area di deporte!

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The Observer
March 16, 2013
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..."The YMCA is a religious organization whose history, purpose, principles and control have always been and still are Protestant. In spite of the assurances of contemporary leaders, it is impossible that this Protestant organization, even apart from overt inducement, should not exert a Protestant influence on Catholics, weakening their faith and alienating their loyalty. That the evangelical Christianity which inspires the YMCA pays scant heed to doctrines and to the existence of visible hierarchical Church does not constitute it non-sectarian, but rather subtly anti-Catholic, and against it we warn Catholics with all earnestness and seriousness...."

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